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most gifted products for Fathers's Day gift ideas today

Father's Day Gifts--Celebrate Dad This Father's Day Father's Day, Dad's favorite day of the year. Grilling out, ball games, a day off yard work--it means lots of things to lots of people. For many, it means findingthe perfect Father’s Day gift to really make Dad’s day. Maybe a new tool for his latest fix-it project, the newest electronics gadget, a slick new shaver so he can toss out that one you gave him in 1995, or a season of that TV show you watched together growing up--you know Father best and want the best for him. After all, that's what he always gave to you.

·     The main thing about Father's Day? Kind of like your wedding anniversary...don't forget it. And, frankly, the person that first proclaimed some Sunday in June a day for Dad didn't exactly set us all up for success. Unless you've already memorized Father's Day dates for years to come, you may be wondering, just when is Father's Day 2017? Father's Day is June 18--take note!

Will the London attacks affect the UK election?

The horrific stabbing attacks in London have pushed security to the top of the political agenda just days before Britain holds a general election. Before she became prime minister Theresa May had cut back on police numbers as interior minister, and she’s now coming under pressure to explain why. She has partly blamed the violence on copycat behaviour on the part of Islamic extremists. “What we need to do now is see how the threat is evolving, and it is evolving, we’re seeing terrorism breeding terrorism,” she said. As the security services and the police are busy investigating the attacks May has promised a review of both of them. She’s also promised to change the law if EU human rights legislation “gets in the way” of investigations into Islamist extremists. But that’s not enough to satisfy the opposition. “There’s been calls made by many responsible people on this who are very worried she was at the Home Office for all this time, presided over these cuts in police numbers and now i…